The Quiet Night Sleep Class

Next Class: Thursday, May 18th, 7:00pm

sleep-class“I can’t say enough about last night’s class. Dr. Wolynn is amazing. I feel confident using his techniques and strategies…  I recommend this class to anyone who has sleep issues with their child.”  — a Mom who attended the Sleep Class

Have a child between 6 months and 2-and-a-half years who isn’t sleeping well? Who still feeds or wakes repeatedly through the night? Who won’t go down without a bed time routine of 15 minutes or more? Who refuses to stay in bed and comes out for “curtain calls” throughout the night? Who “needs” you to nap or sleep or stay in bed?

If you’re cranky, tired all the time, and think that ten consecutive hours of sleep sound absolutely inconceivable, give us two hours, and we’ll give you a whole new self: more rest, better sleep, and a quiet, happy place for you and your child.

The Quiet Night Sleep Class, taught by Kids Plus resident Sleep Guru Dr. Todd Wolynn, will solve all those problems. In this entertaining and interactive workshop, Dr. Wolynn will give you the tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies you need to solve your child’s sleep problems. You’ll have fun, learn a lot, and leave empowered — armed with all the tools you need to make every night at home a quiet, restful night for you and your whole family.

QNSCIn addition to instruction and (plentiful) examples, the class also includes a full, interactive Q&A Session with Dr. Wolynn.

Participants also receive a bound special edition of Dr. Wolynn’s Kids Plus Sleep Handout.

Registration is $40 per person, or $60 per couple (use the promotional code kidspluscouple when buying your tickets).

The Quiet Night Sleep Class, like all Kids Plus classes, is open to the entire community; you don’t have to be a Kids + Parent to attend.

So everyone can focus on and learn from the material, the class is adults only.

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Our Location

The Well @ Kids Plus Squirrel Hill/Greenfield
4070 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh 15217

About the Instructor

Dr. Todd Wolynn, the President & CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics, has been a general, board-certified pediatrician since 1995. In 1997, he became interested in pediatric sleep disorders and later completed two intensive courses at The School of Sleep Medicine in Palo Alto (which is associated with Stanford University). After completing the course in 1999, he helped to open the Mercy Hospital Pediatric Sleep Disorder Program, and was Medical Director of the program from 1998-2007. He lectures nationally on many pediatrics subjects, including Infant Sleep, Breastfeeding, and Immunization.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Shannon Nass wrote a feature on Dr. Wolynn & the Quiet Night Sleep Class. Read it here.

More Praise for Dr. Wolynn’s Sleep Class

“I have a master’s degree, and this is still the best class I have ever taken! Thank you, Dr. Wolynn, for helping my whole family get more sleep.”

“This class was seriously a sanity saver. Two years later, our daughter is still sleeping beautifully, even after her baby brother wakes her up in the middle of the night. Thanks a million, Dr. Wolynn!”

” The class was amazing!!! Our 18-month old woke up so many times during the night and rarely slept a few hours straight. Now he sleeps 12 hours straight… Dr. Wolynn was so nice and answered everyone’s questions and was very entertaining!”

“Just wanted to once again commend Dr. Wolynn on his Sleep Class last Tuesday evening.  My husband and I started the transition Friday night.  It was an immediate success!!!  Our child co-slept with us for a year and is now in her own bed sleeping through the night.  I am sooo very pleased.  Dr. Wolynn gave us the boost of confidence to proceed with his plan and it worked!!!  Thanks a MILLION Dr. Wolynn :)”

“Dr. Wolynn’s method really works! I have a one year old who sleeps from 7 til 7. It’s glorious!”

“Dr. Wolynn’s sleep method saved my sanity!”

“We love Dr. Wolynn. His sleep methods have worked wonders with both my kids. I wish more parents would listen to him. Everyone would be happier and less sleep deprived.”

“Had a wonderful time and learned a lot!”

“This class is soooo worth it!… Our son has been sleeping 10 hours a night since.”

“It’s like a miracle occurred. Seriously. From waking every hourish and nursing all night long to 10 hours of sleep/night, every night, no crying, no nothing. The sleep monster has been defeated.. Our son has been sleeping 10 hours a night since.”

“I’m a full-time working mom of twins breastfed until 14 months old… before the class sleep did not exist for me. After the class, I’m energized, well rested, and can take on the challenges of twins by myself every morning… Can’t say enough about this class!”

“Doooo it! Our baby is 8-months old and sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. Thank you, Dr. Wolynn! Very effective techniques!”