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Independent. Physician-Owned. Family-Focused.

It’s surprising, but it’s true: research shows that many physicians stop learning and advancing soon after they graduate from residency training. What makes Kids Plus Pediatrics special, what makes our “practice family” so unique and so outstanding, is the way we continue, every day and with every patient, to learn and grow together.

Unlike other large medical practices that hire new doctors by advertising far and wide only when the need arises,
Kids Plus doctors are “hand-picked” by the doctors already leading the practice. That tradition, that emphasis on teaching and training and working with a doctor to be sure that he or she is the right fit for our practice and for our patients, defines Kids Plus. And it’s been going on for over forty years.

That's the sprit, and the foundation, that make us Pittsburgh's most caring, connected, comprehensive pediatric practice. 

In 1972, Dr. K.G. Pai, the founding father of the
Kids Plus practice family, and Dr. Harvey Rubin created the practice while simultaneously helping to create the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh Pediatric Residency Program. While Drs. Rubin and Pai grew their practice, they were also on-site every day, teaching and developing a residency program that would graduate many locally and nationally practicing pediatricians. Along the way, Dr. Pai was repeatedly honored and recognized with the program’s Outstanding Pediatric Teaching award.

In the early 90s, Drs. Rubin and Pai formed the Southwestern Pediatric Association and began to expand the practice into what would, in 2010, become
Kids Plus Pediatrics.

In 1995, the practice added Dr. Todd Wolynn. In 2000, Dr. Albert Wolf. From 2002-2007, Drs. Hartung, Springer, Godinez, and Maddalena — all of them taught, developed, groomed, and hand-picked by Dr. Pai and the doctors who preceded them.

As the practice grew, so too did the practice family, and the culture of teaching, learning, and growing upon which it has always been based. The new physicians — hired for their knowledge and skill, for their dedication and compassion — also became teachers in the Mercy Hospital Pediatric Residency Program.

On June 26th, 2010, after several years as part of a local alliance of pediatric practices, we became fully and fiercely independent again, and were reborn as Kids Plus Pediatrics. Kids Plus is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a gold-standard in pediatric care and service. We're national leaders in breastfeeding medicine and support, in health and wellness education, and in the use of social media and technology. With a one-of-a-kind mix of clinical excellenece and cutting-edge innovation, our goal is to be the model of the 21st Century Pediatric Practice. 

As our practice continues to grow -- we expanded to Cranberry/Seven Fields in 2013, renovated and expanded our Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office in 2014, and will open a big, beautiful new Pleasant Hills office in 2015 -- and we hire more wonderful new Kids Plus providers, we continue to hand-pick doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who share our values, our clinical excellence, and our fierce commitment to the children and families we serve.

And so the learning never stops.

We’re all doctors and teachers and students every day — working with each other, learning from each other, growing along side each other. And inspiring each other, with every visit, every patient, and every new diagnosis, to be the best pediatricians in the best pediatric practice in Pittsburgh.

It’s that kind of collaborative environment, that kind of dedication to our patients and to our own practice family, that makes
Kids Plus so unique and so special. And so valuable for you and your family. We're Independent. Physician-Owned. And Family-Focused

It's our mission to put that same focus on Meeting, Learning, and Growing to work for you. We dedicate ourselves to meeting the individual needs of every child and every family, to learning what makes each child special and what each family values, and to growing along with you as a trusted part of your family’s health and happiness.

That’s the
Kids Plus Mission.  The Kids Plus Promise.  And the Kids Plus Difference.

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