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Sarah Springer, MD

Dr. Sarah Springer is a general pediatrician who thoroughly enjoys spending time with children. She especially enjoys caring for children with complex medical and developmental needs, and partnering with their families to help those children to thrive.

When she was young, her favorite toy was her dollhouse. She was constantly remodeling it, making intricate wood furniture, wallpapering the walls, and even sewing new curtains and upholstery for it. She volunteered in a museum with a large dollhouse collection, so she had lots of inspiration, and an easy place to spend her allowance, for her dollhouse at home. Now that she's grown up, she does the same thing rehabbing her house here in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Springer has spoken and written on numerous occasions about adoption-related health concerns to parent groups, medical professionals, and other professionals who care for children.  An adoptive parent herself, Dr Springer is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pediatric Residency Program.

Dr. Springer serves as the Medical Director of Adoption Health Services of Western Pennsylvania, a service of Kids Plus, and has provided specialty health services to domestically and internationally adopted children since 1995. She chairs the Task Force on Foster Care, and she chaired the Section on Adoption and Foster Care for the American Academy of Pediatrics, collaborating with pediatricians around the country to advocate for the needs of children in foster care and who have been adopted. 

Dr. Springer's hobbies include sewing and needle crafts -- those dollhouse skills are still a lot of fun! -- and she enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and traveling to off-the-beaten-path kinds of places.

Her favorite place to "play" in Pittsburgh is hiking through the woods in any of the city's big, beautiful parks. She also loves coming through the Fort Pitt Tunnels at night, when that great view of downtown pops out of the tunnel and lights up right before your eyes.

To learn more about Dr. Springer, check out her episode of Kids Plus Q&A:

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