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Online Praise for Kids Plus

We're proud of what Kids Plus parents are saying about us online. Here are just a few examples...

"We switched to you guys 3 years ago and we are really glad we did. I never knew what being happy with doctors was until we met such a great group."
- HR on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 2/24/14 

"Kids Plus embodied 'medical home' before it's time. The practice has provided the highest quality of care, communication and coordination for my children for 14 years."
- CWR on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 2/24/14

"We highly recommend Kids Plus Pediatrics in Cranberry Township. My son was sick last week and with Dr. Travis's special love and care, within 24 hours he was a different boy. Thank you so much for all your wonderful time and care. Excellent Pediatric Office."
- LMS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 1/26/14

"At risk of sounding like a Kids Plus groupie... I have never had a pediatrician pay attention to so many qualities outside of medical health! I am a pediatric PT and it was heart warming to see a pediatrician pay attention to the physical body!! Dr. Godinez really connected with my son and spoke to him about many life issues... and I truly felt as though Dr. Godinez liked my son... Anyway I won't write a book but suffice to say we loved Dr. Godinez! Kids Plus Rocks."
- TD on the Kids Plus Facebook Page

"Dr. Kerry McGee is amazing! We saw her yesterday and she was just wonderful! She answered all my questions and explained all of our options on treatment and medications very well!"
- MH on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 10/17/13

"So grateful to your Pleasant Hills office for an awesome first visit. Today was a difficult day for our family and without even explaining the significance of the day, I requested a little help with coming up with an April Fool's joke. The staff didn't even hesitate to do something special. My son figured it out quickly -- but he was absolutely flattered that people he had never met before would take such time and effort to make him smile. I've never been more impressed by a first visit to any doctor. In every aspect, not just the awesome sense of humor and ability to connect with patients -- but... that was definitely a highlight of the day! THANK YOU!" 
- JS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 4/1/13

"I want to give the doctors and staff a HUGH thank you! My husband brought our 22 month old in as a walk in on Thursday morning, they saw her right away and within an hour we were at Childrens. They had called ahead and we were seen right away. Long story short she was admitted and first thing this morning the office called to check on her. I can't say enough how grateful I an to have such carrying doctors and staff. Thank you!"
- KHL on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 3/29/13

"Hello Kids Plus family! Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation with you for the fantastic care, knowledge, peace of mind and reassurance you provide families all over the Pittsburgh area! This mommy won't go anywhere else with her precious little men."
- SS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 1/29/13

"Just want to say thanks to Travis and Dr. Pai for giving us our happy baby back... We all FINALLY had a good nights sleep!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!"
BGS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 11/1/12  

"Thank you again... for an excellent visit and fitting me in today! Your staff is alway sso kind and all the staff, nurses and doctors take time to listen to my concerns! I know my son is in the best of care!"
JW on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 10/15/12

"I just want to give a quick shout out to the amazing staff and doctors... especially Dr. Wolf (whom we say today) thank you for taking your time with us and answering all my questions and concerns.
MPT on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 10/5/12 

"Just wanted to thank Dr. Wolynn for saving my son's life and my sanity. You took the time to listen and didn't brush me off as an over protective or worry wort mother... D is now getting the help and care he deserved. The first time in YEARS my son looks at ease at times and feels better about himself."
- MS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 8/3/12 

"Just wanted to thank Dr. Springer for taking such awesome care of my son. She got everything set up before I even got to the hospital so things went very smoothly. Kids Plus is wonderful!! Thanks again!"
- CG on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 7/3/12 


"A big shout out to everyone at the Pleasant Hills office for yet another amazing well visit!! Thanks a million! : )"
SC on the Kids Plus Facebook Page  5/11/12 

"I take my kids there and they are WONDERFUL!!!! I love everyone from the staff to the docs.
-- LMS on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 6/5/11

"We went through a lot of offices before we found this one. They are great! We are seen for a sick visit any day of the week and always have someone to call when we have a question. The wait is very short for a dr but when the Dr is in the room you never feel rushed. They care for your children and that makes them the best."
-- Brian on the Google Maps Review 4/28/11

"Kids Plus Rock!"
-- SLT on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 2/20/11

"My son gets one on one personalized care by each and everyone at Kids Plus. It will be his medical home for years to come!!"
-- LGL on the Kids Plus Facebook Page 2/10/11 

"I seriously love the staff and the entire office. They are incredibly helpful... So far I have met 5 of the peds and they are all wonderful."
-- psychgalbride at [the bump] 2/3/11

"Dr. Wolf is by far the best doctor that I've ever had to deal with."
- JRLu on Twitter 12/9/10 

"We go to the practice down by Century III... They are called Kids Plus Pediatrics. They are affiliated/partnered with the Breastfeeding Center of PGH, and that was important to me because I wanted to give BFing a try and having their support helped with that.  They have a friendly staff and evening/weekend sick appointments.  They are pretty prompt with appointments which is so important when you have a fussy baby trapped in a small room.  We have seen most of the doctors and PAs at this point and haven't had any issues.  They do electronic records and can send prescriptions to the  pharmacy electronically which I like."
AmandaJLewis at [the nest] 11/18/10

"Ditto Amanda, we use KidsPlus as well, same location. My BFF had 3 kids and went there (before name change). never interviewed them, just told the hospital when they asked who we were going with and the doc showed up later. They have a new website 
click here and from what they say, pretty soon will be able to even schedule appts online.  they are open 7 days a week (Sundays is the Squirrel Hill office, i've only needed to go there once on a sunday but was thankful for them being open)."
MrsD9 at [the nest] 11/18/10

"We also use Kids Plus. I got recommendations/referrals from friends, and then I went to 2 "meet the doctor/practice" get-togethers at 2 different practices. In the end I liked the availability of the practice plus the fact that the Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh was right there.  We've been very happy with our choice."
valkaz at [the nest] 11/19/10

 "Dr. Wolynn & Dr. 'G' are the best! I recommend them to everyone. They have two offices; Squirrel Hill and Pleasant Hills. They are open seven days a week (Sat in Pleasant Hills, Sunday in Squirrel Hill) and four evenings. Their on call is wonderful. [My child] got sick on a Saturday, I made three calls to their service and all were returned in less than 30 minutes. The doctor followed up on the following day also. It's great!"
-- MrsLucas06 at Babycenter Community, 9/6/10

 "Dr. Wolynn does rock! He is the head of the sleep center AND does lots for breastfeeding in the area. He's pretty awesome!" 
-- kay0924 at BabyCenter Community, 9/10/10

"We go to Kids Plus Pediatrics, formerly Pediatric Alliance Southwest division... I have seen many of the doctors and have been happy with nearly all of those experiences. We are never left waiting long and the staff is very friendly and helpful... They have late nights 4 days a week as well as sick visits on Saturday and Sunday (which is pretty awesome IMO)."
-- AmandaJLewis at [the nest] 7/14/10

"I take my girls there and would recommend them to anyone."
kpmt1006 at 
[the nest] 7/14/10 

"We go to Kids Plus Pediatrics too and are very happy there."
valkaz at 
[the nest] 7/14/10

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