Walk-In Hours

Every Day, at Every Office!

We’re thrilled to offer Walk-In Hours as an extra level of service and convenience — one we know is especially helpful for families with busy schedules.

For common, straightforward health problems, just bring your Kids Plus Kids to any office during Walk-In Hours, and you won’t have to worry about making and keeping an appointment later that day or the next. Just walk in!

+ Pleasant Hills

PH2FrontWeekday Mornings, 8:15am – 9:30am
Mon, Tues, Wed Evenings, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday Mornings, 9am-12pm

+ Squirrel Hill/Greenfield

Weekday Mornings, 8:15am – 9:30am
Monday & Thursday Evenings, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Sunday Mornings, 9am-12pm

+ Cranberry/Seven Fields

All Day, Monday through Saturday
If we’re open, just Walk In anytime.

Walk-In Criteria

During those hours, you can Walk In anytime for:

  • Children older than 4 months
  • Symptoms fewer than 3 days
  • Routine health problems (like sore throat, ear ache, cough, fever, rash, runny nose)

Walk-In Patients are seen first-come, first-served.

Because of the extra, more time-consuming care they require, children younger than 4 months, with symptoms longer than 3 days, and/or with chronic or complex health problems (like asthma, headaches, stomach aches) can not be seen during Walk-In Hours. For these cases, you’ll need to schedule a regular appointment.

Walk-In Hours may be limited or unavailable during bad winter weather; in those cases, please call the office to confirm availability.

Walk-In Hours are available for current Kids Plus Patients only.