ACL Injury Prevention Class

A class to help young athletes prevent ACL injuries.

This six-week workshop, taught by Kids Plus Athletic Trainer Deanne Porterfield, is designed to help young athletes prevent ACL injuries, no matter their chosen sport.

ACL RoundStudies have shown that in just a 6-week time frame, muscular power and strength can be significantly increased. Neuromuscular training and exercises can help reduce the number of ACL injuries by 52% in female athletes and 85% in male athletes!

The class is aimed at athletes ages 12 and over. Both girls and boys will greatly benefit from the program.

The class meets one day each week. Attendees will be given an exercise program to do at home each week between class meetings. During the first class and last class meeting, attendees will be recorded doing a few exercises, to track and compare their progress. The class will also include a visit from a Registered Dietitian, who will discuss healthy eating and nutrition plans for young athletes.

Registration is $50 per athlete, or $80 for a pair of siblings.

No Classes Scheduled; Stay Tuned for New Dates!