Working & Breastfeeding

working-breastfeedingThrough our Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh, we host monthly breastfeeding classes in The Well, theĀ community meeting and education space connected to our offices.

Mothers meet with one of our International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants, who will discuss insights, tips, and strategies for how Moms can balance returning to work and breastfeeding their babies.

This class is designed for Moms who have already given birth. Ideally, the class should be taken 2-3 weeks prior to returning to work.

Cost is FREE for Kids Plus Moms, $25 for non-KPP Moms. Pre-registration is required.Ā 

There are no classes currently scheduled.

To learn more, call our Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh at 412-246-4726.