Dude, Where’s My Puberty?

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Dr. Todd Wolynn and PA Travis Lewis offer an entertaining, informative, interactive workshop that focuses on the physical and emotional changes of adolescence.

This fun, fast-paced class — designed for 9-12 year-old boys and their Dads or other male mentors — includes teaching, activities, and lots of questions, answers, and open discussion.

Some of our goals for the class are to:

  • Start talking to each other! Discussing adolescence and sexuality can be hard. We make it easier by jump-starting the conversation in class, so you can continue it at home.
  • Give good, evidence-based information in fun, dynamic setting. We include activities to help make things more fun and less awkward.
  • Promote a healthy self-image. We want to help, teach, and empower young men for their futures.
  • Create a comfortable, supportive environment to talk about issues facing boys.

The cost of the class is $40 per Boy/Adult pair for the general public$20 per Boy/Adult pair for Kids Plus families. The registration fee includes class materials, snacks, and a copy of the latest edition of Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys.

Register for the Class

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Our Location

The Well @ Kids Plus Squirrel Hill/Greenfield
4070 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh 15217