Imagination Playground

imagination-playgroundImagination Playground Sessions Will Resume Again in Fall 2015.

The New York Times calls it “a playground where children’s creativity can run wild.” CNN calls it “the most innovative playground design since child psychologists started fiddling with jungle gyms in the 1960s.”

We think it’s just about the most amazingly fun and developmentally cool concept we’ve ever seen. So we had to get one of our own.

Imagination Playground is a mobile play system made up of big, blue blocks in a bunch of unique shapes and sizes, a kind of life-sized building set of loose parts and interlocking pieces that unlocks potential and unleashes creativity in children of all ages. It’s an innovative play system that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.

To learn more about this equipment, see the Imagination Playground web site. To see Imagination Playground equipment in action, and to hear parents talk about the “magical” play it gives their children, check out this fabulous video:


Now, we’re hosting Imagination Playground sessions in The Well. They’re 90 minutes of great fun and imaginative play for children ages 3-5. [ Sessions for older kids will be coming too ]

Kids Plus Provider Travis Lewis will be there to host and oversee the sessions. Parents and caregivers can choose to watch or interact, but must be present in The Well with their child(ren).

Registration is $10 per child.

When & Where

Sessions will resume again in the Fall.

Imagination Playground Host: Travis Lewis, PA-C, AT-C

Travis Lewis, one of our most popular and engaging Kids Plus Providers, is both a certified Physician Assistant and a Certified Atheltic Trainer. His great rapport with kids, his life-long passion for sports, and his years of experience in sports medicine make him the perfect host for Imagination Playground sessions. Still a great big kid at heart, Travis loves talking to parents and caregivers about activity and physical fitness, and he loves to see what our Imagination Playgrounders build in The Well.