38Sex, Drugs, & Snapchat

COMING SOON, by Popular Demand:
a sequel to “Puberty. Seriously?”!

icon_snapchat_225An in-depth, comprehensive, interactive workshop that focuses on sexuality, intimate relationships, and how to safely transition from being an adolescent to being a young woman.

This fun, fast-paced class includes teaching, activities, and lots of time for questions, answers, and open discussion. Like our “Puberty. Seriously?” class, “Sex, Drugs, & Snapchat” is designed for girls and their moms/mentors to take together. This time, there will also be a section of the class when we break out into separate groups for learning and discussion.

Unlike our class for younger girls, this class goes into depth and detail on some heavy, important, grown-up topics. We recommend this class for girls 14 and over.

Some of our goals for the class are to:

  • Talk about some often uncomfortable topics in an always safe and supportive environment. Sex, condoms, masturbation, drug use, depression, social media use, homosexuality, partner violence, bullying, binge drinking — we’ll cover it all. And we’ll do it without judgment, in a way that offers clear information and helpful, potentially life-saving advice.
  • Start talking to each other! Discussing adolescence and sexuality can be hard. We make it easier by jump-starting the conversation in class, so you can continue it at home. And, of course, we answer any and all questions you may have.
  • Give good, up-to-date information in fun, dynamic setting. We include activities to help make things (a lot) more fun and (a little) less awkward.
  • Promote a healthy self-image. We want to help, teach, and empower young women for happy, healthy futures.
  • Create a valuable, supportive environment to talk about important issues facing young women.

The cost of the class is $40 per Girl/Adult pair, which includes class materials, snacks, and a copy of the latest edition of Book Title Here.

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Our Location

The Well @ Kids Plus Squirrel Hill/Greenfield
4070 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Praise for the “Puberty. Seriously?” Class

“Thank you so much for Puberty. Seriously? It was awesome! [S]uch a joy for us to listen to. I feel so great knowing my daughter has the knowledge to handle awkward situations… Keep up the great work!”

“Just wanted to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT… for a fantastic class I was able to attend with my daughter! The class is done in a fun, informative, and exciting way, and I am thankful I was able to attend.”

“We can’t recommend this enough! Our class was informative, funny, and helped open lines of communication between my daughter and I. Big, big thumbs up!”

“Awesome event! We enjoyed it tremendously!”