The Fussy Baby Class

happy-babyParenting an infant isn’t easy. Sometimes it feels like the hardest thing you’ve ever done. And, truth be told, it probably is. Especially when you just want your baby to be happy, but you’re not quite sure what to do.

Well, you’re not alone. There are lots of things you can do. And The Fussy Baby Class is here to help.

In this informal, empowering class for parents of babies 0-6 months, Dr. Amy Maddalena — a long-time Kids Plus Provider and mother of four boys — will cover common sleep and feeding issues, explore why some babies cry more than others, talk about colic, offer lots of great soothing strategies, and provide all sorts of tips, tricks, and insights to help make, and keep, your baby happy.

To hear Dr. Maddalena talk about the types of material she’ll cover in, and her inspriation for, The Fussy Baby Class, see this short video:

Babies — fussy, happy, or anywhere in between — are welcome in the class.

Registration is $25 per individual, or $40 per couple.

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About the Instructor

Dr. Amy Maddalena is a board-ceritifed pediatrician and lactation consultant. She’s been a Kids Plus provider since 2006, and is a member of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Osteopathic Association. Dr. Maddalena, who’s had first-hand experience with fussy babies, is also the author of “Life With Boys,” and “Surviving the 4 O’Clock Witching Hour,” our most popular Doctor’s Notes on parenting.