Adoption Health Services of Western Pennsylvania

Adoption Health Services of Western PA is a special service of Kids Plus.

Dr. Sarah Springer and Diana Schwab, M.Ed., MSW have been working together for 20+ years to provide education, support, and physical and mental health care to families in all stages of the adoption process.

When first considering adoption, prospective parents frequently have questions about the health and well-being of children who are available for adoption. Dr. Springer, the Medical Director of the service, and Ms. Schwab are frequent speakers at Pittsburgh-area adoption education programs, helping prospective parents to understand the needs of available children, and to decide which sets of needs they will be able to meet. Dr. Springer also provides one-on-one consultations to help prospective parents understand the adoption process, the needs of children of different ages & circumstances, and the long-term health & well-being needs of adopted children.

Dr. Sarah SpringerOnce families have identified a particular child to consider adopting, Dr. Springer also provides individual consultations to help prospective parents understand the medical, social, developmental, and mental health information provided. Consultations also aim to identify important missing information, understand the range of foreseeable possibilities, and help families to assess their own individual capacity to meet those foreseeable needs. Ongoing review of new information about the child, and availability while traveling, is a part of this service.

Click here for a full list and explanation of available Pre-Adoption Consultation Services.

Newly-arrived children are seen by Ms. Schwab and Dr. Springer for detailed, comprehensive assessments. These 60-90 minute visits cover common transition issues including sleep, eating, behaviors, and family adjustments, in addition to medical & developmental needs. Families can be referred back to their existing primary care physicians once new-arrival issues are sorted out, and we provide ongoing primary care to thousands of adopted children through Kids Plus Pediatrics. These visits are typically scheduled between one and two weeks after the child’s arrival, depending upon the individual needs of the child & family.

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Ms. Schwab and Dr. Springer provide complete consultation services to children and families experiencing adoption-related medical, developmental, educational, and mental health struggles.

Ms. Schwab and Dr. Springer also frequently speak on adoption-health-related topics (medical, developmental, behavioral, and psychological issues) to agency groups, parent and culture groups, schools, professional organizations, and physician groups.

Dr. Springer and her work were featured on the WQED television show Horizons, in a special episode about international adoption.

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Adoption Health Services of Western Pennsylvania does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. We believe that children can and do thrive with families of all descriptions, and we are happy to work with singles and couples from all walks of life.