Learning & Family at Kids Plus

A Note From Alyssa Papa

At Kids Plus, we always view our practice as one big family.

To me — as someone who started as a Kids Plus Kid and is now proud to be a Kids Plus Provider — that’s one of the many things that makes this practice so unique and so special.

Like any family, were always there to help and support one another, and to learn and grow together. Like any family, we have our strengths as a group, and we each have our own, individual strengths too.

You may have noticed that if you come in to the office for some specific concern, you may see someone who is more experienced on the matter. Or the provider you see may consult with another provider, even one in another office or at home, who has expertise in that area. For example, skin stuff is always a Dr. Pai go-to. Concussions usually go to Dr. G or Travis Lewis. Dr. Riley, Danielle Anthony, and Terri Bailey  have all been developing interests in adolescent medicine. And, of course, Dr. Wolynn is our sleep guru.

We all pride ourselves on what we bring to the table, and we all have a strong desire to learn — whether we are just starting our careers, or have been practicing for years. None of us ever feel that we’re done learning, because we want to provide the best possible care and health for your family.

When I started at Kids Plus as a student, I was intrigued by the desire that all of the providers had not just to practice medicine, but to teach. (For more on Teaching at Kids Plus, see Dr. Hartung‘s wonderful note on the subject.) And now that those teachers are my colleagues and co-workers, I continue to be intrigued by how much we as a practice also have a desire for learning.

You may notice that on occasion, we’ll bring in another provider to see your child, just to get his or her input. We may call over to the specialists at Children’s Hospital. We might even bother Dr. Pai on his day off for a phone consult. (He swears he doesn’t mind!) These are all things we do to not only to provide the best possible care for your child, but also to help ourselves become the best possible providers.

We consistently share stories and articles and updates, and we all get piles of papers in our mailbox from Dr. Pai, who’s always teaching and mentoring us and making sure we continue to learn as much as we can. We’ll never know everything, but we know how and when it’s appropriate to seek help and knowledge elsewhere, so we — and you — can always be confident that your child is getting truly exceptional care.

This, to me, is the best part of Kids Plus Pediatrics: we’re a family always looking out for each other, and always looking out for yours.

Alyssa Papa, a certified Physician Assistant, joined Kids Plus in June 2012.