The Kids + Podcast

Listen. Learn. Grow.

Co-hosted by Dr. Todd Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann, the Kids + Podcast is an evidence-based, family-focused look at health, wellness, policy, and advocacy for children.

In an age of fake news, alternative facts, and the rampant, dangerous spread of medical misinformation. we’re here to keep it real, to make you think, and to take science back — one episode at a time.

The Kids + Podcast is available on all of the top podcast platforms, including iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Spotify. Or you can listen below…

Episode List (So Far)

1. Parenting & Child Development (w/ Diana Schwab), 9/27/19
A wide-ranging conversation with child development expert Diana Schwab about stages of development, potty training, separation anxiety, fussy eating, tantrums, biting, and other “things you can’t control.”

2. Ticks & Lyme Disease (w/ Dr. Andy Nowalk), 10/15/19
Infectious disease expert Dr. Andy Nowalk talks about the spread, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Lyme Disease.

3. Flu & Flu Vaccines (w/ Dr. Don Middleton), 10/31/19
Disease prevention and immunization expert Dr. Don Middleton talks about the flu and the importance (and safety) of the flu vaccine, and also shares a few thoughts on shingles and the shingles vaccine.

4. Child Care & Play (w/ Cara Ciminillo), 11/18/19
A conversation with early education expert Cara Ciminillo about the value of high-quality child care, what to look for (and what questions to ask) when evaluating a child care facility, how to make the best child care choice for your family, and the importance of play in early learning.

5. Nutrition & Food Choices (w/ Andrew Wade), 12/3/19
A conversation with registered dietitian Andrew Wade about general nutrition, different types of fats, the importance of balance, the myth of “healthy vs. unhealthy” foods, how to craft a complete meal, and his #1 tip for how to enjoy holiday eating (including sweet treats).

6. Games & Gameplay (w/ Kylie Prymus), 12/17/19
A conversation with Kylie Prymus, owner of Games Unlimited, about the pleasures of “old-fashioned analog entertainment,” some great kid and family games you probably don’t know (but should), and recommendations for different ages and game genres.

7. Picky Eating & Parenting Philosophy (w/ Matt Bittner), 1/6/20
Occupational therapist Matt Bittner offers tips, insights, and strategies for how to deal with picky eaters, and for how to handle mealtime (and other time) negotiations with your kids.

8. Technology & Family Health (w/ Professor Illah Nourbakhsh), 1/23/20
Carnegie Mellon University professor Illah Nourbakhsh talks about air quality, environmental health, productive use of screen time, and training kids for a technological future.

9. Addiction & Opioid Use (w/ Ryan and Valerie Homanics), 2/10/20
Author Ryan Homanics, now more than 5 years clean after a long battle with drug addiction, and his mother, Valerie Homanics, tell their story with incredible power and clarity, to offer a glimpse at the ways addiction can devastate a life and an entire family.