Kids + AutoPay

Paying Your Bill Just Got a Lot Faster & Easier.

Our new Kids + AutoPay service makes your office visits easier, your check-ins and check-outs faster, and your bill-paying a whole lot easier. No more juggling your kids and your credit cards, counting cash for your co-pay, managing paper billing statements, or preparing, stamping and mailing payments. Now, we take care of everything for you!

Your Payments are Quick and Easy

When you have a co-pay, you don’t have to do a thing. We charge your account and email you a receipt. If, after we bill your insurance, you have a balance due, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of billing statements or making payments. We just charge your account and email you a receipt. It’s as easy and convenient as iTunes or Amazon, but we do the clicking for you!

Your Information is Safe and Secure

We swipe your credit card once, and that’s it. Your payment information is encrypted and stored in your account, just as it is at iTunes or Amazon or any other reputable online retailer. Your information is protected by a payment gateway, kept off-site, and inaccessible to all Kids Plus employees, so it’s even safer than it is at hotels or restaurants or anywhere else you hand over your card.

Your Receipts are Instant and Electronic

No billing statements. No balances. No paper of any kind. When you use Kids + AutoPay, you never lose a receipt or forget to pay a balance. Your payments are processed automatically, you get an instant receipt in your email inbox, and you always have clean, up-to-date records from your account. If you have a question about a charge, just call us or email us back, and we’ll be happy to help. If you were charged too much, we’ll refund you immediately.

You Save Time and Money (and Trees)

With Kids + AutoPay, everything is easier, faster, and cheaper. In the office, check-in and check-outs are quicker and simpler, because you don’t have to worry about fees or co-pays. At home, you don’t have to wait for, or deal with, balances and billing statements. You help us use a whole lot less paper, which helps both our environment and our communities.

You Can Sign Up in Less Than a Minute

The next time you come in to an office, tell one of our Front Office Associates that you want to sign up for Kids + AutoPay. We’ll register your account, swipe your card, and collect your signature on an iPad. It’s that quick, and that easy. Ask us about it today, or check out our FAQs Page for more information. Once you sign up, you never have to worry about paying your bills or co-pays again. With Kids + AutoPay, we do it all for you!

Kids + AutoPay: Convenient for You. Efficient for Us. Green for Everyone.