Brianna Rothbauer


Brianna (“Brin”) Rothbauer¬†describes herself as a born-and-raised “Pittsburgh Girl” who absolutely loves the Steelers, and who really enjoys watching the “Pittsburgh Dad” videos, because they remind her of her own Dad when she was growing up!

Brin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Sciences at Saint Francis University. During her time at school, she volunteered during her summers as a camp counselor for a Type 1 Diabetes Camp, volunteered with the Humane Society, Relay for Life, and Special Olympics, participated in the Physician Assistant Society, and was President of her academic sorority (Omega Zeta Nu).

BrinBarbieBrin married her high school sweetheart, Tom. They adopted a puppy named Marly from Animal Friends, who keeps them laughing every day. They love having him in their new family.

Brin loves going to the movies — especially to the drive-in during the summer — and to country music concerts. One of her favorite things to do is just sit in the backyard, relaxing and roasting marshmallows over her fire pit.

As a child, Brin’s favorite toys were her Barbies and her baby dolls. She and her friends would play with them for hours, pretending not just that they were Moms, but that they had to take them to the doctor’s office to make them well again.

Brin’s favorite place to “play” in Pittsburgh is Hazelbaker’s, where she has fun canoeing down the Youghiogheny River for the day. She finds the whole process very relaxing, and a great way to enjoy the nature around her.

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