Shelley Satterlee


Dr. Shelley Satterlee grew up in West Farmington, Ohio, a small town  in “Amish Country” with a population of about 500 people — and possibly more cows than people!

She attended college close to home at Hiram College, went to med school at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), did her clinical hospital rotations in Pittsburgh, and completed her residency at The University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Dr. Satterlee and her husband, who’s also a doctor — they met when they were students at LECOM — were married in Cranberry in 2008. After they finished residency, they decided to try out “big city life” and moved to New York City.

Dr. Satterlee worked in the Manhattan and Brooklyn offices of the largest private pediatric practice in NYC, and loved every minute of it. But after the birth of their second child, she and her husband decided it was time to move closer to their families, and chose Pittsburgh as their “forever home.” They currently live in Squirrel Hill with their two children (Sameer & Maya) and their family zoo — 3 cats, a dog, a parrot, and a 30-gallon fish tank!

When she’s not seeing patients or spending time with her family, Dr. Satterlee likes to organize and make use of small spaces (“thank you, Amazon Prime!”), which she thinks is a side effect of living for so long in New York City apartments. She also likes to watch HGTV and plan her dream-home.

Dr. Satterlee’s favorite places to “play” in Pittsburgh are Frick Park and Schenley Park; she loves getting outside with her kids, and she can never get enough of the gorgeous Pittsburgh views. A self-proclaimed foodie, she also loves finding new restaurants to try. (If you have any recommendations, be sure to let her know!)

Dr. Satterlee’s favorite childhood toys were her Little People; she still has a vintage set from 1980 that her son loves to play with. She’s also been collecting Pez dispensers since she was young; she now has over 1,400… and counting!

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