Travis Lewis


Travis Lewis was born and raised in the “The Gateway to Cook’s Forest,” Brookville, Pa. When he was growing up, his favorite toys were his baseball glove and his football. He would often spend all day outside, playing a pick-up sandlot game of either baseball or football.

Travis began his education at California University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Athletic Training. At Cal U he worked with many of the on-campus athletic teams, including football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, Travis earned a Master’s in Health Sciences, with a concentration in rural primary care medicine, at Lock Haven University. Travis’ areas of concentration include evaluation of sports injuries, preparation for sports, and discussing ways to prevent athletic injuries. He became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2014.

BBallGloveTravis currently resides in Butler, PA, with his wife Tanya, their son Cael, their daughter Adalyn, and their Shih Tzu Cali. In his free time, Travis enjoys spending time with his wife, riding his bike, learning to play the guitar, and just generally being outdoors. He loves all sports, but especially his childhood favorites, baseball and football.

His favorite places to “play” in Pittsburgh are PNC Park — he especially loves the night-time backdrop with downtown glowing over the outfield seats — and Heinz Field, where he can watch and root for the Steelers.

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