Young Adult/Adolescent Care

At Kids Plus, we want to provide the most compassionate, connected, comprehensive care possible — for patients of all ages.

As part of our commitment to outstanding adolescent care, we’ve already created our popular Puberty. Seriously? class for girls and their female mentors. Later this year we’ll be launching a similar class for boys and their male mentors. We have a lot of other great programs development, as we create and provide even more resources for teens and their families.

Our newest development in adolesent care is one that Kids Plus Parents have been asking for, and that we’re thrilled to deliver…

Young Adult Care Beyond Age 18

Kids Plus Kids can now become Kids Plus Young Adults, staying with our practice and enjoying the same amazing quality of care they’ve always known, all the way up to Age 22 — even from long distance, if they go away to college.

TeensWebThis expansion of our practice addresses a huge need, esppecially for our older teens with chronic health care needs, by helping smooth the transition from pediatric to adult care. For those four years of college and/or transition, staying with us — providers you know and trust, and who know you best, right here in your long-time Medical Home — is easier, and more comfortable, than trying to get to know a new provider in a new, adult practice.

To learn more about how these years will work, see our Young Adult Care Consent & Confidentiality page.

And stay tuned for even more new developments in our Kids Plus Adolescent Care program. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We’re always here to help — from those first few hours after birth, now all the way through to those first few years of adulthood.