Our Kids Plus staff will complete two forms free of charge during your yearly well visit. All forms must be given to the front-office staff when checking in for your appointment; only forms presented at check-in will be processed at the time of your appointment.

FoldersAdditional forms, or forms brought (or faxed) to our offices at other times, will be completed within 3-5 days for a $5 service fee. (We can rush-complete forms the same day for a $10 service fee.)

For us to complete a form, your child’s well visit must have been within the time frame recommended for his or her age: within the last 12 months of school-aged children, or shorter intervals for younger children.)

Here are some common forms used by Kids Plus patients and families. Just click on the links for PDF copies you can download, print, begin to fill out, and bring to our offices for your next visit: