Fussy Baby Visits

Why does my baby cry so much more than other babies?

Is this a sign of something more serious? Is all this crying going to interfere with my baby’s development? What am I doing wrong?

These are common questions we hear from families seeking help for fussy babies. We all know babies cry, but how much and how often they cry, and what it takes to soothe them, can vary tremendously.

Having a fussy baby can be extremely stressful on the family system. Marital stress and parental mental health can be significantly impacted when caring for a fussy baby.

That’s why Kids Plus offers special visits tailored for your family.

At our Fussy Baby Visits, we spend more time than we do for a typical pediatric visit.  Time to hear your story. Time to synthesize all the advice you’ve been given by friends, professionals, and strangers in the grocery store. Time to get closer to figuring out what’s best for you and your baby.

Dr. Amy Maddalena, one of our pediatricians, and Diana Schwab, M.Ed., LCSW, our developmental specialist, work together to review all relevant medical information (including a full physical exam), gather a comprehensive history (when fussiness began, what has/hasn’t helped), provide support for managing your ‘fussy baby’ experience, and develop a plan for moving forward.

If it seems like this visit would be helpful, please call our office to schedule.

Fussy Baby Visits are held every Tuesday at 10:30am at our Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office.