Kids + Virtual Visits

We Make Housecalls Too. (Or Anywhere Calls.)

Introducing Kids + Virtual Visits, a way to see our providers from the comfort and convenience of your own home — or office, or anywhere! — on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Every weekday from 9am-5pm, we have appointments for Virtual Visits for sick visits, mental health visits, and all kinds of re-check visits.

To get an appointment, register on our Virtual Visit site, and sign up for Kids + AutoPay (so we can seamlessly bill your insurance for the visit).

Once you’re registered, just call the office and make your appointment the same way you would for an in-office visit.

When your appointment time comes, sign in to your Virtual Visit, and we connect directly to you.

Visits, billing, and payments are all safe, secure, and encrypted.

Register For Virtual Visits

Just two easy steps, and you’re ready for an appointment!

1. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for Kids + AutoPay. (During the pandemic, just call us in the office.)

2. Register on our Virtual Visit platform . (It takes fewer than 5 minutes. For step-by-step instructions, see our tutorial page.)

With (at most) one phone call and a few minutes of clicks and keystrokes, you’ll be ready for Kids + Virtual Visits on your computer, tablet, and/or smart phone!

After that, you can make an appointment to see a Kids + Provider from anywhere.

* Note: The best and easiest way to register is through your web browser. If you decide to register through the App instead, be sure to enter our four-digit practice code — 2112 — or you could be assigned to the wrong practice.

To learn more about  Kids + Virtual Visits, see our Virtual Visits FAQs page, or call one of our offices. We’re alway happy to help!