All-Day Walk-In Hours

All Day, Every Day, at Every Office!

We’re thrilled to offer Walk-In Hours as an extra level of service and convenience — one we know is especially helpful for families with busy schedules.

For routine, straightforward health problems, just bring your Kids Plus Kids to any office at any time. You don’t have to worry about making and keeping an appointment later that day or the next. Just walk in!

PH2FrontWalk-In Criteria

There’s only one:

  •  For routine, straightforward health problems (like sore throat, ear ache, cough, fever, rash, runny nose)

For symptoms of any length. For kids of any age. Just walk in!

Because of the extra, more time-consuming care they require, chronic or complex health problems (like asthma, headaches, stomach issues, behavioral issues) are not a good fit for the quick-hit, in-and-out nature of Walk-In Hours. For these problems, we’ll still need to schedule a longer appointment, to make sure you get the extra time and attention you need.

Walk-In Hours are first-come-first-served, for Kids Plus Patients only. 

Walk-In Hours may be limited or unavailable during bad winter weather; in those situations, please call the office to confirm availability…