Well Child Visits & Handouts

At Kids Plus, we do more than just help your children when they’re sick; we help them, and your whole family, stay well.

The most important (and enjoyable) way we do this is to see you for a series of Well Child Visits. We’ll monitor your child’s growth and development, answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide critical vaccinations that prevent serious illnesses and even save lives.

For each visit, we have a handout with information specific to your child’s age and stage of development. We’ll deliver them straight to your Kids Plus Patient Portal account, or you can access them here; just click the links below for readable, printable, downloadable copies.

For many Well Child Visits, we also have pre-visit questionnaires that allow you to give us information and share your concerns ahead of time, to help make your visit even smoother and more efficient.

Schedules are now open more than a year in advance, so you can always schedule your next Well Visit before you leave the office!


Baby’s first visit to Kids Plus!

Vaccines: None.

DownloadNewborn Well Child Handout.

1 Month

Vaccines: Hepatitis B.

Complete: 1 Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 1-Month Well Child Handout

2 Months

Vaccines: Pentacel (DTaP-IPV-HIB); Pneumococcal; Rotateq

Complete: 2-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 2-Month Well Child Handout

4 Months

Vaccines: Pentacel (DTaP-IPV-HIB); Pneumococcal; Rotateq

Complete: 4-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 4-Month Well Child Handout

6 Months

Vaccines: Hepatitis B; Pentacel (DTaP-IPV-HIB); Pneumococcal; Rotateq

Complete: 6-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 6-Month Well Child Handout

9 Months

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 9-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 9-Month Well Child Handout

1 Year

Vaccines: MMR; Varicella; Hepatitis A

Complete: 12-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 1-Year Well Child Handout

15 Months

Vaccines: Pentacel (DTaP-IPV-HIB); Pneumococcal.

Complete: 15-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 15-Month Well Child Handout

18 Months

Vaccines: Hepatitis A.

Complete: 18-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 18-Month Well Child Handout

2 Year

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 2-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 2-Year Well Child Handout

30 Month

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 30-Month Well Questionnaire

Download: 30-Month Well Child Handout.

3 Year

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 3-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 3-Year Well Child Handout

4 Year

Vaccines: DTap; MMR; IPV; Varicella.

Complete: 4-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 4-Year Well Child Handout

5 Year

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 5-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 5-Year Well Child Handout.

6 Year

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 6-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 6-Year Well Child Handout.

7-8 Years

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 7-10-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 7-8 Year Well Child Handout

9-10 Years

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 7-10-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 9-10 Year Well Child Handout

11-12 Years

Vaccines: Meningitis; Tdap; HPV.

Complete: 11-12-Year Well Questionnaire

Download: 11-12 Year Well Child Handout

Teen Years

Vaccines: Meningitis, Meningitis B #1 (16 Years)

Complete: 13-17-Year Well Questionnaire

Download:  Teen Years Well Child Handout.

Young Adult Years

Vaccines: None.

Complete: 18-21-Year Well Questionnaire