The Kids Plus Story

Fiercely Independent. Proudly Physician-Owned.

It’s surprising, but true: research shows that many physicians stop learning and advancing soon after they graduate from residency. What makes Kids Plus special, what makes our practice family so unique and so outstanding, is the way we continue, every day and with every patient, to learn and grow together.

WalkInSteth3All our Kids Plus Providers are hand-picked by the doctors already leading the practice, hired not just for their knowledge and skill but also for their compassion and dedication. That tradition, that emphasis on teaching and training and working to find the right fit both for our practice and for our patients, defines Kids Plus.

We’ve been doing it for almost 50 years…


Drs. Harvey Rubin, Lou Linarelli, and K.G. Pai launch the practice in Pleasant Hills, while also helping to create the Mercy Hospital Pediatric Residency Program.


ElevatorThe practice opens a new office in Pleasant Hills, in the 51 Professional Plaza, that it would occupy until the summer of 2015.


Drs. Rubin and Pai form the Southwestern Pediatric Association and begin to expand the practice in ways that would, in 2010, allow it to become Kids Plus Pediatrics.


Dr. Todd Wolynn joins the practice, after studying under Drs. Rubin & Pai.


a-wolf-2The practice aligns with other independent, physician-owned practices as part of Pediatric Alliance.


Dr. Albert Wolf joins the practice, after studying under Drs. Rubin, Pai, & Wolynn.


Dr. Alicia Hartung joins the practice, after studying under Drs. Rubin, Pai, Wolynn, & Wolf.


The Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office opens.


Dr. Sarah Springer joins the practice.


Dr. Lucas Godinez joins the practice.


BFCLogoMedThe practice, with the guidance and teaching of Dr. Nancy Brent, opens the Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Amy Maddalena joins the practice.


Physician Assistant Travis Lewis joins the practice.


KPLogoMediumThe practice is reborn and reimagined as Kids Plus Pediatrics. The physician owners dedicate themselves to being the new model of the 21st Century Pediatric Practice. And the practice is quickly recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a national leader and gold-standard in pediatric care, service, and patient engagement.

The Kids Plus web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube & Vimeo channels go live.


Nurse Practitioner Terri Bailey joins the practice.

Kids Plus becomes the first pediatric practice in the country to employ a full-time Communications Director.

The Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh becomes the first advisor to the United States Breastfeeding Committee.

The Kids Plus Patient Portal goes live.

Morning Walk-In Hours begin.

JasonMaskThe New Mom’s Coffee series begins.

We make our first (silly, family-friendly) movie: Trick or Treat.


Dr. Ditte Karlovits and Nurse Practitioner Jonette McClelland join the practice.

Evening Walk-In Hours begin.

Dr. Wolynn launches the Quiet Night Sleep Class.


puberty-g9-12The Cranberry/Seven Fields Office opens.

The Puberty. Seriously? class launches.

The Kids Plus Pinterest boards and Instagram feed go live.

We make the first sequel to our silly, family-friendly Halloween movie: Trick or Treat 2: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers.


The Squirrel Hill/Greenfield Office expands to include new administrative offices and a video production studio.

The first season of Kids + The Community debuts.

The first season of Kids + Game of the Month debuts.


NewPHSquareOur Kids + Fit health and wellness program launches.

The pilot episode of Kids + The Kitchen debuts.

We host our first annual Kids + Family Fair at the Cranberry/Seven Fields office.

The redesigned Kids Plus web site goes live.

Dr. Pai is awarded the first-ever Community Education Network Outstanding Preceptor Award by Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

The new Pleasant Hills office opens.

We begin hosting our ACL Injury Prevention Workshop for young athletes.

Weekend Walk-In Hours begin.

Pump ClassWith our Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh, we begin hosting the Breastpumps, Bottles, and Binkies class.

We host our first-ever Kids + Game Day.

We launch Saturdays With Santa, an annual free holiday event and charity toy drive.


The Kids + Daily Dose video series premieres.

The free, monthly Kids + Craft Night series begins.

For their work at Kids Plus, Drs. Wolynn & Dr. Wolf are named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Health Care Award winners in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The redesigned Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh web site goes live.

We host our first Moms of Two support group.

Dr. Ashley Riley joins the practice.

The new and improved Kids Plus Patient Portal goes live.

Physician Assistant Samantha Gronlund and Nurse Practitioner Rachel McCarrison join the practice.


Physician Assistant Danielle Anthony join the practice.

We host our first Stuff Your Kids Will Eat nutrition class.

After hosting a successful diaper drive, we become a year-round donation location for the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank.

Our HPV vaccine public service announcement, “We Prevent Cancer,” premieres.

Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann present to audiences in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia on the rise of anti-vaccine attacks on social media.

Dr. Wolynn appears live on MSNBC, and in print in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times , NPR, and Kaiser Health News, to talk about the importance of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.


Evening Walk-In Hours get longer (with an extra half hour) and easier (with fewer criteria).

Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann travel to Atlanta to present to the National HPV Roundtable, and to the American Cancer Society, on the rise of anti-vaccine attacks on social media.

We host our first Infant Massage class.

We host our first Kids + Dental Day.

The Lactation Consultant School at our Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh accepts its first student.

Kids Plus is named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the 6th time in the past 7 years.

Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann present to audiences in Atlanta, Columbus, Washington D.C., Austria, and France, on the rise of anti-vaccine attacks on social media.

Our Flu Vaccine public service announcement, “Get It,” premieres.

We host our first Thoughtful Childbirth prenatal class.

Dr. Shelly Satterlee joins the practice.

Our Pre-Visit Questionnaires go live, making Well Visits smoother and faster and even more focused on parent and caregiver questions and concerns.


We host our first Adventures in Breastfeeding support group.

Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann present to audiences in Nashville and Panama on the rise of anti-vaccine attacks on social media.

Kids Plus is prominently featured in articles in The Guardian and Newsweek on the rise of social media anti-vaccine attacks, and the work we’ve been doing to help and support other practices who’ve been attacked.

We host our first Kids + Fit Night class.

Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann, working with a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, publish a peer-reviewed article, “It’s not all about autism: The emerging landscape of anti-vaccination sentiment on Facebook,” in the journal Vaccine.  

Kids Plus is prominently featured in another round of national media coverage of the story of our anti-vaccine attack, the new journal article, and the work we continue to do to support other doctors and practices who’ve been attacked.

Articles appear in the Washington Post, on the front page of the Los Angeles Times,  Mashable, The Verge, the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, in a special report on WPXI, as well as many other local and national media outlets.

We host our first Breastfeeding for Doulas class.

Dr. Lisa Stefano, Dr. Kate Belser, Dr. Nikita Roy, and PA Michael Durkin join the practice.

We partner with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to launch a new food donation program in all three offices to help fight food insecurity in our communities.

Kids Plus is named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the 7th time in the past 8 years. For the first time ever, we finish in the Top 10!

Communication Director Chad Hermann co-teaches a semester-long class on “Video Production for Health Promotion” at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. The class is inspired, in part, by the success of the videos produced by Kids Plus.

Dr. Wolynn travels to Annecy, France, to deliver the keynote address at the 7th Annual Mérieux Foundation Vaccine Acceptance Meeting.

We introduce Pre-Visit Questionnaires to help you save time and get all the information you need at every Well Visit.

The Kids + Podcast premieres.

We host our first Dude, Where’s My Puberty? class.


Dr. Wolynn and Communications Director Chad Hermann are featured in a national Coda Media news story, “Meet the Doctors Fighting Anti-Vax Attackers Online.”

Dr. Wolynn, Communications Director Chad Hermann, and our Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office are prominently featured in “Anti-Vaxx Fever,” an hour-long VICE Investigates documentary on Hulu.

Dr. Wolynn makes another appearance on the ZDoggMD YouTube show to talk about our work fighting anti-vaccine disinformation and our leadership in the #DoctorsSpeakUp Twitter event.

Brooke Kulasa, PA-C, joins the practice.

At the request of several local elected officials, we create and post a public service announcement video about the importance of social distancing and avoiding play dates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We launch All-Day Walk-In Hours at Pleasant Hills and Squirrel Hill/Greenfield. (Cranberry/Seven Fields already had them since Day 1.)

We launch our weekly Kids + LIVE Show.

We launch Virtual Visits.

We launch online versions of our New Moms’ Coffee, Not-So-New Moms’ Coffee, Prenatal BreastfeedingExpectant Parent Orientation, Puberty. Seriously?, and Quiet Night Sleep classes.

We launch our Kids + Tik Tok account.

We celebrate our 10th anniversary of becoming Kids Plus Pediatrics.

Dr. Andy Georgeson joins the practice.

Kids Plus is named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the 8th time in the past 9 years, and makes the Top 10 for the 2nd year in a row.

Dr. Wolynn, Communications Director Chad Hermann, and our Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office are prominently featured in another documentary on the fight against the anti-vaccine movement, this one from The Economist Films: “Covid-19: Why Vaccine Mistrust is Growing.”

We join forces with the amazing team at Girlology and take our puberty classes to the next level, launching two new, online, national versions: Something New About You for girls, and Just the Facts for boys.


We’re one of the first independent medical practices in southwestern Pennsylvania to get our COVID-19 vaccines!

In conjunction with our colleagues at Girlology, we launch a brand-new, nationally offered class on The Science of Reproduction.

Dr. Wolynn, Communications Director Chad Hermann, and our Squirrel Hill/Greenfield office are prominently featured in yet another documentary on our fight against the anti-vaccine movement, this one from NBCLX.

We become a certified COVID-19 Vaccination site, offering both Moderna & Pfizer vaccines to our patients, family members, and community.

People Magazine features Dr. Wolynn & Communications Director Chad Hermann as two of their “Vaccine Heroes” for their tireless work in advocating for vaccines, fighting back against the anti-vaccine movement, and creating Shots Heard Round the World.

After hearing from hundreds of concerned parents across the region — and around the country — asking for our help in urging their schools to require masks, we wrote and published an Open Letter to School Boards and Administrators.

Kids Plus is named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces for the 9th time in the past 10 years,


We’re providers and teachers and students every day — learning from each other, growing along side one another, and always inspiring each other, with every visit and every patient, to be the best providers in the best pediatric practice in Pittsburgh. And beyond.

It’s that kind of collaborative environment, that kind of proud and fiercely independent spirit, that kind of dedication to our patients and to our practice that drives and defines us. And that makes us so responsive, caring, and connected to you and your family.

That’s the vision, the promise, and the almost-five-decades-in-the-making story of Kids Plus Pediatrics.